Demonstrating generosity while encouraging others to be generous in their community.​

What is Generosity Lunch?

The goal of generosity lunch is to demonstrate generosity to those in our community while encouraging others to join us. 

We meet monthly over lunch,

  • each person brings $100 cash
  • the host collects the $100 from each person
  • we order and eat lunch
  • the host pays the bill
  • we leave the extra cash as a tip for the wait staff.

Our goal is to have 15 people meet for lunch and leave a tip of over $1,000.

We do not seek any personal recognition. We give generously and then go our ways.

Want to join us? Fill out this form and we will be in touch.

How Can I Join In?

There are many ways you can help us spread generosity and touch people’s lives. We are looking to spread generosity across the US and Canada

  • Host a Generosity Lunch or Breakfast in your community (we will teach you how – it’s SIMPLE and REWARDING!
  • Sponsor a Generosity Lunch or Breakfast – Sponsors cover the cost of the meal so that all funds from the group for that event go directly to the wait staff. Sponsorships typically cost from $100 to $300 per event.
  • Join us at a Generosity Event in your community! Simply fill out the form on this page and we will notify you of any events in your area!
  • Support our cause by sharing our videos on social media and telling your friends about the joy of spreading generosity!

How Can I Get Involved?

Please let us know just a bit about you and we will be in touch ASAP!

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