Demonstrating generosity while encouraging others to be generous in their community.​

Accountability – July 2022

As many of you know, Generosity Lunch was founded based on giving back and encouraging generosity in our communities. One of our core goals was that no one individual or company took credit for the generosity. Recently, one of the people who has attended a number of our Generosity Lunches asked if his company could pay for lunch so that the $100 from each attendee could all go towards the generous tip. A few of us discussed and thought that would be a great way to be even more generous!

Starting last month in June of 2022 Generosity Lunch Grand Rapids has been blessed to have a sponsor cover the lunch costs so that more money can go towards the tip for the wait staff. Last month we were able to give the largest tip to date – $1,900!!

Our sponsors for the June and July lunches have chosen to remain anonymous. THANK YOU to them for their corporate generosity.

In future months Generosity Lunch will look for additional sponsors to cover the cost of each lunch. If we’re able to secure a sponsor we will share who that is as a courtesy to the sponsor although we will be focused on growing our attendance and sharing generous tips!

If you or someone you know is interested in being a sponsor of a Generosity Lunch in your community please complete the form on our home page indicating that you’re interested in sponsoring a future Generosity Lunch.

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